Medical Science Contributing Massively to the Fight Against Smoking Addiction!

ac_third_imageDue to the large-scale harm meted out by smoking on human beings and the environment as a whole, numerous efforts have been initiated in order to curb the prevalence of smoking addiction. Smoking has been prevalent in the human society from a very early period and it is very hard to determine the exact circumstances that initially developed cravings for nicotine in the minds of human beings. When man was first introduced to nicotine addiction, he was not aware of the harmful effects of smoking. During that period, man was not knowledgeable enough to identify the disastrous effects of smoking and most particularly, at that time science was also not well-developed to ascertain the killing effects of smoking in the human body.

Slowly and gradually, man got hooked to this widespread addiction and with the passage of time it has almost become an urgent necessity for man. Even though there are people who are not addicted to tobacco smoking, still they are also harmed tremendously if they are exposed to passive smoking. Smoking is omnipresent in every nook and corner of the world. But unfortunately, even after being very well aware of the harm and destruction that is inevitable due to smoking, human beings are undeterred and are the least bothered to fight off this very harmful and at the same time, equally powerful addiction. Efforts have been initiated from all quarters to help man ward off the addiction of smoking but the results that have been yielded so far are not that satisfactory. The bans on smoking that are considered to be favorite worldwide in reducing the prevalence of smoking, have been helpful to a certain extent in saving innocent people from the grip of passive smoking effects. But altogether, they have not yielded high success rates in encouraging people to quit smoking. Interestingly, most of the smokers are willing to give up smoking but sadly enough most of them are lacking in will power. Parting ways with nicotine addiction can be difficult and painful like parting ways with one’s beloved.

How to Prevent yourself From Getting Back to Smoking Addiction?

teens-influence-drug-abuse-smokingIf you are a non-smoker, it is easy to turn your head up at smokers. Many non-smokers ask why it is so difficult for smokers to give up. In truth, many wonder why they would start smoking in the 1st place because smoking has many risks. It is simple to look down on smokers as you don’t agree with their decision to light-up, but that doesn’t suggest that you need to. Before taking a stance on the subject of smoking, there are a couple of things you must know about smoking. What?

However, we often don’t think of it when it comes to quit smoking. Many non-smokers believe that smoking and the choice to do give up is nothing more than a bad habit. 

Addressing all my internet buddies who have not yet fallen in the grip of smoking addiction and all those friends who are die hard smokers, I would like to reveal a few notes. These pointers are specific anti-smoking instructions that help smokers to pass their life quietly and securely after they quit smoking. Hopefully, after paying attention to what I am going to state here, those guys who are not yet stricken by the vice of smoking would pass off these tips to their smoking addicted friends and kinsmen and enable them to induce smoking cessation with ease.

Nicotine is an addictive drug. Overtime, the body and mind grows dependent on the nicotine. It feels as though it wants and need it. Smokers who decide to give up cold turkey not only feel a change in mood, they but open themselves up to a world of other complications. These are referred to as nicotine addiction withdrawal problems and can include an increase in appetite, restlessness, hostility, irritation, mood swings, and depression. Once again, this is why most smokers find it tough to quit smoking ; the withdrawal problems become too much for them to handle. 

Most non-smokers know a smoker. You love and care about this individual; therefore, you want them to give up. This is a natural feeling, but smokers require help and support, not lectures. One thing you need to know about smoking is that it is tricky to give up without help and support from others. Whether you are there to provide guidance along the way or merely to talk, your mate or relative will significantly appreciate the assistance. However, the decision to give up smoking is one that they must make for themselves. 

You could be surprised to hear that many non-smokers were up in arms about the formation and enforcement of smoking bans. Most non-smokers viewed it as nothing more than presidency and businesses sticking their business into where it did not belong. In public, you get healthy rights. 

After a smoking addicted guy incorporates the quit smoking tips suggested by the doctor and gets rid of smoking addiction, there are considerable chances that he would get caught up with cigarette addiction for the second time. Buddy dear, NICOTINE CRAVINGS ARE NOT SO EASY TO VANISH FROM YOUR CONSCIOUS MEMORY! To make your way out of the quandary, you can take the help of hypnosis in the post quitting phase if the cravings for nicotine have become unbearable for you. If your doctor suggests hypnosis or you, you can receive treatment under the care of a practiced hypnotist. Through hypnosis, he can persuade the conscious part of your brain to forget the desire for nicotine and when it happens you will not at all feel the need for the dreaded substance. And then, who is there to stop you from quitting smoking?

Another easy way out is to stop visiting the shops that sell cigarettes and avoiding the company of smokers. When you move around with people who have never touched cigarettes, then there are fewer chances that you would again start to take tobacco containing substances.

Are you all sensing me right, guys or am I not sounding close to reality? Hold on your nerves for a few minutes and listen to what I am geared up to state here. If after inquiry and research you find my postulations utterly bullshit you are welcome to toss them into the wastebasket.

Effective Ways to Stop Cigarette Addiction


stopsmokingIn a year, there are many people suffer from different diseases and illnesses due to cigarette addiction. Although some people are aware of the negative impacts of smoking, they cannot totally quit this bad habit.  At first, you might think it is next to impossible to avoid cigarette smoking. But come to think of it, if other people can do it, you can also do it. The process is not easy but if you will put effort into it and you will look at  in order to have long term health goals then it is achievable.

There are many effective ways on how to quit cigarettes. Some of these are the following:

1.    Set Your Health Goals

Stress can be one of the main reasons why many people are into cigarette smoking. With these cigarettes containing nicotine and other ingredients that can be really addictive, the tendency is for people to be addicted to it. But once you are health conscious and once you know the actual negative impacts of cigarette smoking to your health, eventually you will realize that quitting this habit can make you better off.

2.    Take One Step at A Time

It is a common thing for heavy smokers to find it really difficult to stop this habit. Apart from stress, many smokers use cigarette smoking for socialization. Quitting this habit does not require you to do is all at once. It gets extremely difficult to do that especially when your body is addicted and depended on nicotine. Doing this can only increase your yearning to smoke more. The best move is to take one step at a time. You can lessen the number of cigarette consumption depending on your pace. You will eventually come to a point where you will realize that you no longer need to smoke.

3.    Self-Discipline

All of these things will require you one thing – self-discipline. We know that it is really not easy to finally stop smoking addiction. There are even some who find it extremely difficult to give up this habit. But if you have self-control and if you will really focus on your goal, it is possible to get rid of smoking addiction. Getting rid of your smoking habits will require you self-control. There is really a need to exert effort on your part.

You cannot quit cigarette addiction overnight. In fact, some people may take months or even years just to say no to cigarettes. It does not matter if you have a slow pace. What is important is that you are on your way to having a healthy lifestyle and you can avoid cigarettes.